There’s something missing between where you are today and what you envision for your business...


You know you want to thrive as an entrepreneur and make a
bigger impact, but right now you’re stuck and unsure of what’s getting in your way.


When you close your eyes, you see yourself thriving.

You embrace challenges as opportunities.

You earn money easily + effortlessly

You feel unstoppable.


I'm Shannon, and I’m here to tell you that
what you want IS possible!

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As a Business Mindset Coach, I help you transform your business from the inside out, starting with YOU, the business owner.

Shannon's Journey

I intimately understand the personal transformation that happens when you go from having a boss to being a boss.

Prior to launching Ishiki Insights, I spent 7 years working in corporate finance.  I loved my colleagues and the companies I worked for, but the work left me feeling unfulfilled and unsure of what career path I really wanted to pursue...

After relocating from Washington, D.C. to Miami, I changed career paths but continued to feel unfulfilled - I hit my career rock bottom.  Moving to a new city and changing careers didn’t exactly turn out to be the fresh start I had hoped for.

One day, I followed an intuitive hit and hired a coach to figure out my career conundrum

Working with a coach was life changing.  Not only did the experience help me see myself and my world in a whole new light, it also helped me realize that coaching is the career I'm meant to pursue.

In 2015, I became an entrepreneur after completing an International Coach Federation accredited coaching certification program and launching my coaching practice, Ishiki Insights.  Being my own boss is both incredibly fulfilling and challenging all at the same time.  

I'm passionate about helping other female entreprenurs thrive in their businesses which is why I developed a signature coaching program that helps women business owners leverage their mindset to get unstuck, feel empowered, and run successful businesses that make a difference.

{Read more about my Signature Coaching Process & my Group Coaching Program}




Shannon's Passions

In addition to coaching, I’m also passionate about leading strategic initiatives and training workshops for the Junior League, a global non-profit organization committed to developing the potential of women through civic leadership training and life-changing community work.

I’m currently based in Miami, FL where I live with my husband in a condo overlooking the ocean.  Most mornings, you can find me in colorful leggings and sticky socks at a Pure Barre studio getting my fitness on!  I love the community of women and the mind-body connection that helps me feel strong and confident!

A few of my favorite things:

Traveling, quality time with family + friends, French bulldogs, book club, and snail mail.

My hidden talent?

I learned Japanese starting in elementary school and am currently learning Spanish.


What does ishiki mean?

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Ishiki translates to “awareness” in Japanese. 

My signature coaching process is designed to help you gain powerful insights and increased awareness about WHO you and what you believe is possible in your life and in your business.  

I believe that becoming aware of the direct link between your beliefs, your emotions, and your actions is the first step to shifting your mindset and creating your desired results. 


What are you waiting for? Let’s get to know each other.


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